Getting Started

Start using linux within Discord
in just four easy steps:

1. Join our Discord Server
2. Generate a Container using /genos
3. Visit the docs
4. Start Programming!

Each user gets access to:
1.5 of a Core
256 MB of RAM
5 Open Ports
SSH Access
All of Discord-Linux features, outlined in the (Features) section.
Want to try it without adding it to your own server?
Join our Support Server!


You may be asking yourself, what we at Discord-Linux Do?
Well, we do a lot of things, but the answer is simple:

Generate, Destroy, Reboot, Start and Stop your Own Container
Choose from a choice of Operating Systems:
Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine, Alma Linux and Arch Linux!
SSH into your Container
Use PM2 to keep all of your Applications running
Export your container as a docker image to be used in another server
Code Directly in your Container within Discord
Send Files to and From Discord
Run Servers on Open Ports provied by our service
Spawn Public and Private Shells
Play Sounds Directly From your Container!
Install any package, program in any code, the posibilities are endless!
Join our  Discord Server To give it a try!


System Commands:
/generate: generate a new container
/genos: generate a container with the choice of OS
/start: start the container
/stop: stop the container
/restart: restart the container
/logs: view the logs of the container
/ports: view the assigned ports of the container
/set-user: set an alternate user for the /xu command
/x: execute a shell command
/xu: execute a shell command as the user set by /set-user
/write-file: write a file into the container
/extend: extend the life of the container
/time: get the time left of the container
/openfile: send a file from your container to Discord

Discord-Linux Store Commands:
/add-key: add your discord-linux key
/remove-key: remove the key
/key-status: view information about your key

/api-key: provides an API key for the Discord-API
/openvpn: generates an open VPN profile for our network
/genmail: generates an email address for our internal network
/discord-mail: generates an email for your discordID that are sent to DMs